Community Work
Today, one of the important issues in the world is the preservation of local communities. Modern life with its incredibly fast rhythm makes it difficult to establish strong stable relations. The world becomes a space of singles? Neighborhood as a social institution is in decline?

The integration of people in the local community is beneficial to the social, economic and political areas. In areas where relations between neighbors are adjusted and maintained, there are lower levels of crime, a greater level of well-being and life satisfaction. In strong local communities children are always in safe and sound and well looked after, and older people do not feel alone or abandoned.

Cardboardia is trying to explore topical social questions, in particular the question of local communities, the principles of development of the neighborhood.
Travelling around the world we studying local communities, focusing on small towns and villages. We integrate into local communities to better understand their particularities and to understand their self-identification. Usually we do a public event: festival, interactive street performance, sometimes we make a venue as a part of a festival, but all this events are preceded by a set of workshops with local people , we are developing the concept of the project and making the script and create content of event, together we build decorations and props. Cardboardia team is always mixed: local people and visitors, professional artists, performers and people from different professional fields passionate by action in life.
Cardboardia embassy
We settle Cardboardia embassies all over the world to explore question of local communities
Sustainable impact
Local context