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Events and sites where SSTC projects were implemented
Cardboardia Parade at the Spoffin Festival
Cardboard Tube Fights


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The fact that I don't understand everything in your Russian performances doesn't upset me and doesn't prevent me from accepting what I understand
– Gordon Craig, director
Cardboardia is a state without a territory, founded in 2007 and for more than 13 years it has been bringing together the Personages of Cardboardia, people from all over the world, artists, performance artists, event producers to implement the most strange and crazy ideas in the field of organizing events in public spaces.

Since the founding of Cardboardia, street activities, national holidays, festivals, and processions in Cardboard Towns have always been the center of the public life of the Residents of Cardboardia (Personages). For many years, we have accumulated a lot of experience in organizing and conducting performances, games and other street events. Based on this, the country's leadership made a timely decision to create The State Street Theater of Cardboardia.

The main idea of the "The State Street Theater of Cardboardia" is total immersiveness, radical inclusion of people in the process, so that each person from the viewer easily turns into a character and influences the action of what is happening with their participation.
Cardboardia Parade in Yekaterinburg
Tamagotchi Live!
Events and venues where SSTC projects were implemented