Pushkin Ministry of Cardboardia
Cardboardia Ministry of Pushkin is a plot-role-playing performance, in the events of which we closely linked situations familiar to all of us that arise in any bureaucratic system with the subtle world of the Poetry of genius.

Pushkin's Ministry of Cardboardia is a venue with different offices where performances take place, and corridors ideally long for queues*.

«ecoming a Visitor to the Ministry, audience receive the most active role in which they need to perform certain routine actions that are dictated by the system of the Cardboardia Ministry of Pushkin.

Since all situations are conventional, recognizable and brought to the point of absurdity, they often cause:

cathartic laughter, sudden communication with other visitors and the realization that a person can be free in his expression without certificates / permits (including certificates / permits from the Pushkin Ministry of Cardboardia).

The Pushkin Ministry of Cardboardia may become non-Pushkin and work with the work of other authors or even different art forms.

Pushkin Ministry of Cardboardia

* If you don't know how to stand in line, the instructions from the Pushkin Ministry of Cardboardia will show you how to do it correctly.
  • Combines several types of creativity:

architecture, design, performance, role-playing game, puppet theater, interactive museum

  • Easily adapts to different scales:

The project is assembled like a constructor. In its entirety it consists of 3-5 rooms with interactive performances. Each performance is self-sufficient and can be realized separately

  • Suitable for different spaces:

For outdoor areas (fits well into a tent) or indoor spaces

  • Can be a stand-alone program or in combination:

The project can be implemented as part of the festival or become a self-sufficient object of attention for the audience

How It Works
How many
The project may consist of 3-5 performances.
The duration of the project can be from 2 to 8 hours. May work for several days.

The duration of individual performances is from 15 minutes to 40 minutes, depending on the tasks.
Installation of the project takes 2−5 days depending on the scale and tasks. A team of artists and performers — 8−15 people.
Dismantling — at least 5 hours.
Social experiment:

The audience finds themself in recognizable life situations with a safe degree of conventionality and humor, and can live an interesting social experience.

Possible program components
Depending on the festival or event and venue context, different performances can be part of the Cardboardia Ministry of Pushkin.
A special location in front of the Ministry with tables where spectators fill out the necessary documents, according to the instructions, take a photo according to the sample (photo spot).

Since there is no Ministry employees (actors) in this zone ready to answer all questions, the audience actively communicates with each other. This immerses you in the atmosphere of the project and makes the viewer a participant.
Pushkin Ministry of Cardboardia
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