State street theatre of cardboardia
The musical performance of "The Alchemists" is a communicative walkabout, suitable to any event. The audience together with the "The Alchemists", become participants in experiments. The goal is for them to search through their inner world and discover there their most passionate desires and dreams.

The Alchemists use different tools. The main ones are The Alchemical Music Boxed. They turn the handles of these machines to summon different sounds to create the best atmosphere for the event!

4-5 Alchemists with one mobile vehicle, will walk with synchronized electric hurdy-gurdys around event venue, communicate with the audience, investigate the place, use what they find, invite the audience to walk with them and perform various simple tricks.

Organizational issues:

The duration of walkabout is 20 to 60 minutes per set. Up to 10 sets during a day.

A 5 x 5m tent / marquee or indoor space with a floor, lights and power for staff dressing room

Cardboardia international team ranges in size from 3 to 6 people. If possible, we will develop the program during a 2-3 day workshop with local artists.


Ana Desetnica International Street Theatre Festival 2017

We had a large street performance of alchemists with a total capacity of more than 2000 people
Alchemists' performance on March 8, Moscow, 2017
Presentation of the musical performance "Alchemists" in the "Sea inside" cafe, Moscow, 2016
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